HJ Jaw Crusher

HJ jaw crusher is a modern high performance crusher based on the introduction, absorption of foreign advanced technology, according to the actual needs of the customer site, based on high input, high output design from R & D, and set the low-power, high capacity. Practice has proved that HJ jaw crusher with its excellent performance, reliable quality and high price has won the trust of customers around the world, and is the traditional broken jaw ideal upgrade alternative.

  • [Feed size]:150-800 mm
  • [Capacity]:110-650 T/h
  • [Application]:Building stone crushing, metal ore crushing and solid waste disposal etc. (for more applications, please click on the "free consultation")
  • [Materials]:River gravel, limestone, dolomite, granite, rhyolite, diabase, basalt, black metal mining, non-ferrous metal mining, construction waste, gangue, tailings, etc.

The advangtage of our products

HJ jaw crusher is widely used in metal and nonmetal mines, cement, construction, sand and metallurgical industries. Can crushed minerals are iron ore, granite, quartzite, sandstone, river gravel, etc.

  • 1. Higher performance:

    It is shipped through the jaw cavity to optimize trajectory and choose the best engagement angle and stroke property values, so that the model in the case of the same power output is greatly increased;

  • 2. Stability is better:

    The model through structural optimization and overall weight section to determine the flywheel, the structure and the weight of the counterweight sheave, so the models in terms of vibration has been greatly improved. Compared with the same specifications jaw crusher, with higher stability;

  • 3. More reliable:

    The machine uses the E-type frame, movable jaw part is heat-treated forged eccentric shaft, and is equipped with a large bearing with labyrinth seals, such as design, making the equipment rugged, reliable operation;

  • 4. Easier to maintain:

    The device structure design takes full account of the replacement brackets and the choice of advanced jaw and side fender bolt system, jaw plate and side fender fixed more reliable, faster and more convenient replacement, greatly less the downtime;

  • 5. Operation more simple:

    The machine uses a traditional style adjustment shims to adjust reliable, top cylinder with auxiliary equipment according to the situation, simplifying the nesting population adjustment operation; machine lubrication system designed to guarantee reliable lubrication under the premise of full consideration of the operation convenience and greatly reduce the difficulty of the operation;

  • 6. More widely:

    Compact machine structure, equipment, high strength, crushing all kinds of hard rock and ore, compared with the same specifications of the jaw crusher, a smaller footprint, so that it can play in the limited space of more big role, to apply to all kinds of crushing process.

The Cause Analysis Of The Tooth Plate Of Jaw Crusher

The jaw plate of jaw crusher is located at the edge of the jaw. In the course of moving and back to and fro in the movement, the jaw plate of the jaw crusher is operated with the movement of the jaw. If the jaw crusher tooth plate abnormal jitter, this will not only aggravate the wear degree of parts such as the jaw, but also may cause the production can not be normal. What is the cause of the abnormal jitter? The cause analysis of the tooth plate of jaw crusher:

The cause analysis of the tooth plate of jaw crusher:

1, The broken cavity internal lining board loose or completely fall off of the jaw crusher. The impact of the liner plate is caused by the imbalance of the tooth plate, and the abnormal jitter is abnormal.

2, The fixed bolt of the jaw plate is loosened in operation, or the bolt fracture caused the tooth plate loose. The loose teeth plate and the other elements in the broken chamber can aggravate the jitter frequency.

After analyzing the cause of the jitter in the tooth plate of jaw crusher, we find that the jitter of the tooth plate will cause damage to the jaw crusher. Tooth plate jitter can cause tooth plate displacement and other parts collision. Certain parts will be heated and abnormally heated due to friction. The wear degree of the tooth plate can also accelerate. Abnormal jitter of the tooth plate causes many failures, such as the friction of the movable jaw plate, the internal impact sound of the device, etc..

Well, GBM believes that manufacturers should take some measures in the production to deal with the problem of tooth plate jitter. First stop check after finding a reason, a fixed wedge iron on the side wall with a hammer and other tools, fixed lining plate. There is also a way is a strong connection bolts or replace the new bolts, to ensure the stability of the teeth plate.

The advangtage of our products


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