HST Cone Crusher

HST cone crusher is a new and efficient crusher that GBM independently research, development and design, Based on the summary of twenty years of experience and extensively absorbing the United States, Germany and other advanced crusher technology. The cone crusher sets mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, automation and intelligent control technology together, and represents the world's most advanced crusher technology.

  • [Feed size]:10-560 mm
  • [Capacity]:30-1000 T/h
  • [Application]:Ore crushing, construction aggregates production, construction waste crushing,railway, bridge construction and other industries (for more applications, please click on the "free consultation")
  • [Materials]:Granite, marble, basalt, limestone, quartz stone, river gravel, iron ore, copper ore, etc.

Parts of Cone Crusher

Cone crusher has many advantages, such as low production cost, good grain type, reliable performance, etc.. The advantages of cone crusher are closely related to the equipment parts, such as: the adjustment of the hydraulic device, can have to prevent the machine plug, and play a protective role. The following are the details of cone crusher parts.

  • 1, Spindle. The spindle has the axial and radial smooth oil holes. Only through the contact between the spindle of the cone crusher and the main shaft bushing, the body can make the eccentric swing movement. The impact load of the main shaft in the production is large;
  • 2, The eccentric shaft sleeve. The eccentric shaft sleeve screws internal equipment is the high lead bronze bushing. The lower part of the eccentric shaft sleeve through bolt device. The bolt equipment includes a large bevel gear and thrust bearing, in which the thrust bearing is forged, and the thrust bearing is leaded to lead bronze. Counterweight assembly bolt mounted on the eccentric sleeve. Its internal lead and equipment wear resistant lining board;
  • 3, Moving cone. Bolted joint of the upper part of the moving cone. The movable cone assembly is fixed on the upper plate. The equipment has the spherical bearing, which can cooperate with the spherical steel tile in the sleeve of the equipment. The moving cone external equipment is made of high manganese steel cone lining plate, the movable cone and the gap of the lining between the plates which is filled with epoxy resin. The internal equipment of the movable cone has high lead bronze liner;
  • 4, Constant cone. The feed hopper is the feed hopper of the fixed cone. The internal equipment includes high manganese steel wear plates large diameter bolt fixing, fixed cone and the gap of the lining between the plates which is filled with epoxy resin. The fixed cone is the keystone thread of the adjustment ring;
  • 5, Hydraulic control parts. The control station contains oil tanks, motor oil pump, filter equipment, storage equipment, control equipment, pressure switch, safety maintenance equipment, etc.. In the cone crusher is also equipped with terminal box and button control;
  • 6, Frame. The main frame of the cone crusher is composed of the shelves and the lower frame body. Both after hydraulic cylinder connection. In the cone crusher main frame there are wear and maintenance cover. upper body is welded, whose welding wear-resistant copper. The next frame is cast steel.

The advangtage of our products

When HST cone crusher works, the motor drives equipment shaft rotates through the pulley and belt.The shaft drives the eccentric rotates by the size of the bevel gear drive. The moving cone does rotary pendulum movement spindle role in the eccentric so that dynamic cone and fixed cone sometimes close, sometimes far away from the bowl. The material between the bowl and the crusher crushing cavity continue to be squeezed, impacted and crushed. The crushed material discharges from the bottom.

  • 1. High productivity and carrying capacity;
  • 2. Easy maintenance and low operating costs;
  • 3. Automatic control of the production process;
  • 4. Multi-cavity needs to adapt to a variety of processes.

The advangtage of our products

Model Movable Cone Diameter(mm) Chamber Style Max Feeding (mm) Discharge Opening (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Machine Size (mm)
HST100 790 EC 135 10-32 46-128 90 1550×1575×1965
C 90 10-25 43-118
M 65 8-16 36-76
MF 50 6-13 29-68
F 35 4-10 27-57
EF 28 6 30-40
HST160 956 EC 180 13-38 69-215 160 1875×1920×2400
C 145 13-32 65-197
MC 115 10-25 60-180
M 90 10-22 60-160
MF 75 8-19 61-125
F 50 6-19 45-105
EF 35 6 70-90
HST250 1150 EC 215 16-44 110-380 250 2100×2320×2780
C 175 13-38 100-385
MC 140 13-32 95-325
M 110 13-25 115-335
MF 85 10-22 90-280
F 70 8-19 90-235
EF 38 8 100-125
HST315 1408 EC 275 16-44 177-660 315 2380×2735×3265
CX 245 16-38 170-650
C 215 16-38 170-640
MC 175 16-32 160-552
M 135 16-32 195-500
MF 115 13-32 190-450
F 85 13-25 195-400
EF 65 13-22 210-300