PE Jaw Crusher

PE series jaw crusher for large complex tilting, is a successful experience of similar products of pur company at home and abroad, specially designed for the mining, smelting, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy quarry and road construction and other industrial sectors. The product specification is complete. the feed size is from 150 to 1020 mm. the compressive strength of PE jaw crusher is up to 300Mpa. is the preferred primary crushing equipment in sets of crusher production line. PE series jaw crusher is used for rough broken.

  • [Feed size]:150-1020mm
  • [Capacity]:2-800T/h
  • [Application]:mining, smelting, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy quarry and road construction and other industry. (for more applications, please click on the "free consultation")
  • [Materials]:Granite, marble, basalt, limestone, quartz stone, river gravel, iron ore, copper ore, etc.

The Main Factor Affecting The Work Of Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher is an important crushing equipment. Jaw crusher is widely used in many departments such as mine, smelting, building materials, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry. In order to reduce the maintenance cost of the jaw crusher, the main factors that affect the work of jaw crusher are analyzed. GBM will analyze it from four aspects.

1, Meshing angle: meshing angle is the angle between the fixed jaw and the movable jaw. According to the calculation, the maximum angle up to 32 degrees. The actual use of both less than 25 degrees, and generally 18 degrees -20 degrees around. The nip angle is too large, would break up the ore out of the cavity, resulting in injury or damage to other equipment. At the same time as the meshing angle increases (crushing ratio increase), decreased productivity;

2, Adjust the size of the mouth of discharge: will change the size of the nip angle. In the actual production, according to the size of the ore mine to adjust the size of the mine mouth. In the requirements of ensuring the granularity of the product, as far as possible to adjust the mine mouth to reasonable size. The research department of heavy industries was informed that the size of the ore can be adjusted by adjusting the block, and the relationship between the crushing ratio and the productivity should be paid attention to in the regulation of the regulation of the coal mine mouth;

3, The eccentric shaft rotation: in a certain range, increasing the number of revolution of the eccentric shaft can improve crusher machine production capacity, but also increase the crushing unit quality of electric energy consumption. The speed is too big, can make the broken cavity in the ore too late to discharge and the phenomenon of blockage, but make the production capacity is reduced, power consumption increased. Therefore, there should be a jaw crusher optimum rpm;

4, The maintenance of parts: the eccentric shaft of jaw crusher, connecting rod, movable jaw plate, shaft and lining board are the main grinding parts, need to pay attention to lubrication and replacement frequently.

The advangtage of our products

PE jaw crusher uses high-strength steel, forming a casting, with wear, compression, long life and other advantages. PE jaw crusher is mainly applied crushing large, medium and small stones and corresponding objects.

  • 1. Low noise, less dust;
  • 2. Its crushing uniformity ratio, product size;
  • 3. Simple structure, reliable operation and low operating costs;
  • 4. Stand-alone energy-saving 15% to 30%, more than double the energy saving system;
  • 5. Nesting population adjustment range, can meet different user requirements;
  • 6. Crushing chamber deep and no dead zone, improve the ability to feed and output;
  • 7. Lubrication system safe, reliable, easy to replace parts, small maintenance workload;
  • 8. Simple structure, easy maintenance, stable performance, low operating costs, crushing ratio;
  • 9. Gasketed nesting population adjustment device, reliable and convenient, large adjustment range, increase the flexibility of the device.

The advangtage of our products

Model Feed Opening (mm) Max Feeding (mm) Discharge Opening (mm) Capacity (t/h) REV (r/min) Power (kw) Motor Model Machine Size (mm)
PE200×350 200×350 170 20-50 2-6 220 6-7.5 Y160M-6/7.5
PE250×400 250×400 210 20-60 5-20 310 6-15 Y180L-6/15 1450×1315×1296
PE250×750 250×750 210 20-60 8-22 320 6-30 Y225M-6/30
PE500×750 500×750 425 50-100 45-100 275 6-55 Y280M-6/55 1890×1916×1870
PE600×900 600×900 500 65-160 70-120 250 6-75 Y315S-6/75 2520×1840×2303
PE750×1060 750×1060 630 80-140 130-260 250 8-90 Y315L1-8/90 2620×2302×3110
PE900×1200 900×1200 750 95-165 220-380 200 8-130 JR127-8/130 3789×2826×3025
PE1000×1200 1000×1200 850 195-265 230-380 200 8-130 JR127-8/130 3889×2826×3025
PE1200×1500 1200×1500 1020 150-300 400-800 220 8-200 YR355M4-8/200 4930×3150×3700