VSI Sand Making Machine

VSI sand making machine that GBM developed sets broken plastic and single function plastic together for different stone, for different purposes, by changing the feeding method and the core structure of the crushing chamber. At the same time, reasonable regulation will not only help ensure grain type, but also increase production in greatly limits and reduce operating costs.

  • [Feed size]:50-80 mm
  • [Capacity]:60-520 T/h
  • [Application]:Ore crushing, construction aggregates production, construction waste crushing,railway, bridge construction and other industries (for more applications, please click on the "free consultation")
  • [Materials]:Granite, marble, basalt, limestone, quartz stone, river gravel, iron ore, copper ore, etc.

Sand Making Machine Attention Items

Sand making machines usually combine with sand washing machine to meet the need of sand.. Sand making machine with uniform granularity of sand and gravel material. In the sand production machine production line, sand making machine is the key sand production equipment, plays the core role. Therefore, the normal and efficient operation of sand making machine can have an important effect on the production of the whole sand production process.. In the production process of sand machine operators also need to pay attention to some of the operational matters, in order to ensure the efficient operation of the equipment. What matters of attention?

  • 1, To ensure that access to the material in the sand machine can not be mixed with crushed iron, broken steel segment and other non - crushing material, for the protection of personnel safety, and production personnel should be the principle of the device;
  • 2, The rotation direction of the impeller can not be reversed, and the reverse may be the fault of the equipment;
  • 3, The sand machine equipment in the operation note can't have abnormal vibration or noise, otherwise to stop check;
  • 4, The periodic inspection equipment each connect the bolt tightness, avoids the bolt loose or falls off the equipment damage;
  • 5, Equipment lubrication points of each class need to add new oil, lubricating oil is generally special super 3# lithium base grease, and ensure the bearing parts clean and good lubrication;
  • 6, The transmission belt must have an appropriate tightening force, the double belt drive, two motor current difference can not be more than 15A

The above is the operation of the sand making machine operation process need to pay attention to the operation. They can ensure the efficient operation of sand making machine.

The advangtage of our products

Center Feed: Material enters the hopper, and enter the rotation of the impeller to do the acceleration through the center of the feed hole. Then shoted from the impeller, one part of material and the other part free falled after rally happen to crash, and then be impacted to the material lining in vortex chamber together(stone at stone). First of all, the material are bounced back to the top of the crushing chamber. Then, the material deflect downward, and impact with the material emitted from the leaves turn road to form a continuous material curtain. Finally, they discharge through the lower row of the discharge port.

  • 1. Superior performance and long service life:
    • Special light oil lubrication circulatory system;
    • New automatic protection device, the machine provides vibration, oil filter and alarm warning system, to eliminate hidden dangers in advance;
    • The new oil filtration system to ensure transmission bearings and other wear and tear is not unexpected, increase service life;
    • Optimized arrangement of wear-resistant materials designed to improve the life of more than 40%, thereby reducing the cost of more than 40%;
    • The main material used internationally famous factory configuration, conventional materials can be used continuously without stopping the machine more than one month.
  • 2. Quality and high crushing efficiency upgrades:
    • World's most advanced light oil anti-leakage device, eliminating the trouble of replacing the seals;
    • Improve the feed base size, the maximum intake Φ80mm (traditional equipment can only enter: Maximum Φ50mm).
    • Hydraulic equipment, automatic start-cover, reduce labor intensity, maintenance is extremely convenient, efficient use of fundamentally;
    • The frame is hot riveting new technology, enhanced structural strength and toughness of equipment to ensure the smooth operation of the device, so that the quality rise to a whole new level;
    • Excellent impeller design greatly reduces the resistance to passage of the material, to improve material throughput and crushing ratio, increased by 10% to 60% higher than the efficiency of conventional impact break;

The advangtage of our products

Model Feed at center&sides Feed at center Soft Material Hard Material REV (r/min) Power (kw) Motor Model Machine Size (mm)
Capacity (t/h) Max.Feeding (mm)
VSI7611 120-180 60-90 35 30 1700-1890 4-55×2 Y250M-4/55 4100×2250×2258
VSI8518 200-260 100-130 40 35 1520-1690 4-90×2 Y280M-4/90 4140×2280×2425
VSI9526 300-380 150-190 45 40 1360-1510 4-132×2 Y315M-4/132 4560×2450×2780
VSI1140 450-520 225-260 50 45 1180-1310 4-200×2 Y315L2-4/200 5100×2690×3200